Friday, December 10, 2010

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Radio host attempts to discredit Michael Murphy and damaging effects of chemtrail programs

Dear chemtrail/geo-engineering activists,

Please send this to your e-mail list.  This is an urgent call to action!!!!!  Since the release of "What in the World are They Spraying?" Many around the world have woken up to the damaging effects of ongoing chemtrail/geo-engineering programs.  This awakening is obviously threatening the future of geo-engineering/chemtrail programs.   Due to this and the enormous monetary and political interests associated with these programs, many have been working tirelessly to suppress the new truths that are coming to light.  Yesterday was no exception as radio host Dennis Rancourt attacked Michael Murphy on air by arguing that aluminum oxide is not at all damaging to human health or ecology.  This obviously is in contradiction to claims by many experts and numerous studies and also what was clearly established in our film.  While most of us know that aluminum oxide being sprayed is a threat to our health and the future of humanity, many of his listeners can be persuaded to believe in this lie and not take the necessary action to get these programs stopped .  Please take a moment to comment, e-mail, call the station and let them know that we will not tolerate this type of deceptive propaganda that is designed to protect the interests associated with the destruction of our health and our planet.
Please e-mail radio host   Denis Rancourt:
Please call the station and express your concerns about Denis and his attempt to protect these programs:  (613) 562-5965 
Link to show:
Please e-mail or cc me your response as I will be posting some on the activism page of our new website:

Michael J. Murphy


Jane Scharf 4 Mayor of Ottawa said...
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Jane Scharf 4 Mayor of Ottawa said...

I listened to the radio show you are referring to and do not agree that the host was suppressing the truth. He was challenging what he was identifying as premature conclusions. The argument was that the spraying was being done in secret by unscrupulous persons therefore it must be dangerous.

Notice Denis did not disagree that those spraying were unscrupulous or that they might conspire to kill. Rather he questioned the scientific bases for the conclusions that the mineral levels were harmful.

Rather than attacking Denis Michael could have asked him what tests could be done to establish the safety of the spraying. Use his expertice. He had you all on the show because he is concerned about this issue of Chemtrails but he wants the statements on this issue to be sound.

Please contact Denis and ask questions it could advance your cause tremendously. He is not a state loving propagandist he is a state hating non conformist.