Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sighting of chemtrail

From Kalaheo AND Poipu I could see two (2) very large circular trails joined like chain links yesterday early morning. The night before that there was an aircraft circlying the Kalaheo area with at least a half dozen passes. It was dark and difficult if not impossible to see it other than it's running ligts and hearing it's engine. Any other reports of the chemtrails?


Anonymous said...

It has been another hell of a day with chemtrails...tonight.a sweet sweet smell of some flower that permeates Lihue..follows me into my small abode..The Mother loves us all, is what I sense..what a pause in the sniff her offerings...

Anonymous said...

On Wed. Dec 15th above Princeville's ocean, at 10:15 am, I was alarmed and surprised to to see a half-circle chemtrail above my head. My first time to see a half-circle.

A Kauai Youtuber has posted what I saw on youtube that very morning,
under Youtube Kauai chemtrails