Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chem Trail in Kilauea

attached is a chemtrail or what appears to me to be a chem trail in kilauea @ 7:00am on december 15.........later that day i spoke to people who live in hanalei and they saw the same thing as i saw in the picture.........i took it before i went to work........i did not hear any planes or see any either i just happened to look out my window  and was sad at what i saw............. i live on the second floor.......


Brad Parsons said...
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Brad Parsons said...

BTW, here's an idea for a post:

CHEMTRAIL DETOX USING Cilantro (Coriander) + more
« on: December 26, 2010 »
More on detoxing heavy metals with cilantro (coriander)

Cilantro (Chinese Parsley)

This kitchen herb is capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium, lead and
aluminum in both bones and the central nervous system. It is probably
the only effective agent in mobilizing mercury stored in the
intracellular space (attached to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes etc)
and in the nucleus of the cell (reversing DNA damage of mercury).
Because cilantro mobilizes more toxins then it can carry out of the
body, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with
metals, that were previously stored in safer hiding places.

This process is called re-toxification. It can easily be avoided by
simultaneously giving an intestinal toxin-absorbing agent. Our definite
choice is the algal organism chlorella. A recent animal study
demonstrated rapid removal of aluminum from the skeleton superior to any
known other detox agent.


For more go here:

nina said...

I do not use products tested on animals. They do not exist for our dominion and disposal.

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