Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chemtrail at Sunset

Enjoying sunset in Poipu this evening...... it was beautiful....... except for the chemtrail streak!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Chemtrail/geoengineering Call To Action

This is a great call to action from Coalition member Diane Macaulay.  Please take a moment to address this important issue.

Call To Action
President Obama is traveling to Alabama, Friday, to meet with the Governor, Robert Bentley,   in order to survey the damage that has occurred due to the deadly tornado's that have ravaged  Alabama in the last couple days.  Fax, phone, and e-mail (doing all 3 would be powerful) Governor Bentley, informing him of the geo engineering capabilities of Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying (ie Chem Trails), and the weather modification applications of HAARP, NOW, before he meets with the President.  It is the Governors responsibility to protect his constituents. You may want to remind him of this fact in your communications to him.

Switchboard : 334-242-7100
Fax : 334-353-0004    To send a free fax on-line go to
To send e-mail:  search  "e-mail Alabama Governor" to access e-mail form

Follow up by sending a copy of "What In The World Are They  Spraying" to the Governor.  To purchase a copy go to  . 
Information to send Governor Bentley in regard HAARP can be found at

State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama   36130

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chemtrails thick over Poipu this evening

Another day - another spray.  So sorry to see this in Kauai. 
Watched an enormous thick chemtrail pass over the Poipu area this afternoon.
Pictures were taken around 5 pm on 4/28/11.
Talked to a local today who did not know about chemtrails.  I mentioned I read aluminum resistant GMO seeds are being developed and he said that made sense with Pioneer Hi-Bred leasing so much land on the east side to grow crops.  I did some reading online and found one site that is calling Hawaii the "GMO crop test capital of the world".
I really believe the heavy chemtrail spraying here has to do with the GMO crops they are growing.
Aloha Kauai - heading home this weekend.  Hope to see clear blue skies next time I return.

Weaving toxins in the sky

Here is another photo - taken from condo in Princeville on 4/25/11 around noon.
It is hopeful to hear the air traffic controllers are starting to be concerned.  Maybe the word will get out soon about what is happening.

Pink trail over Mt.Waialeale

I first observed a white trail over Mt.Waialeale at around 6:30 pm 04/27/2011.As the sun started to set over the mountain the trail turned pink at about 7:15 pm. It is hard to see in first photo but when it turns pink its kinda hard to miss.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...And on...

...And on...
Dear Kauai Sky,
Yet another chemtrail from my vantage point in Kapaa to the south.  Photos taken at 3:00 PM. 

On and on and on...

On and on and on...
Dear Kauai Sky,
The photos of this little burst chemtrail is from around 1100 hours over the east side of Kauai April, 27, 2011.  I watched a jet aircraft at high altitude release this small trail above me as it flew SE toward Oahu.
Skies this morning are spotted with small chemtrail streaks and thick cirrus particulates near the horizon all above heavy natural cumulus clouds.  I can see particulates in the air against sunlight, particularly when I wear Polaroid sunglasses.
The chemtrail mission over Kauai goes on and on and on...
Yesterday's skies, around 1300 Hours, over Lihue were as bad as I've seen-- thick chem-streaks over Nawiliwili Harbor even glowed with the colors of the rainbow.  The sun blanched, encircled by mass particulates.  With any luck, someone shot photos of this event.
Air quality now is beginning to thicken again while mountain views obscure.

a message from kauai sky

i think everyone should share and post and be very nice with everyone and don't fight with anyone over this.
if someone thinks your crazy and insults you, just agree with them and shrug your shoulders and especially be nice.
invite them to look and research their self
i do not think anyone should be worried about government.
unfortunate things can be inevitable and yet will ultimately lead to the greater good.
i feel that the government will help us make the spraying stop as they are essentially good people with hearts who wish to make a difference yet they are practical people and can only address this if properly documented. understandable even though i wish it were different. i spoke to the very nice woman in the state building and they just needed documentation and that why i made the kauaisky.
i can give anyone access to be an anonymous email or picture text message author and therefore encourage everyone to post what they see when they see it with a brief description to speed the documentation process!
keep up the great work!!
thank you for your contribution.

Chem Trails

We moved down from a condo in Princeville to Poipu and it seems like the chemtrails are worse down here.  We saw the trails in the morning and then the sky over the water was so hazy yesterday and today, late afternoon.
I hear next week is "chemtrails awareness" week.  I am going to post info about this on Facebook.  The public needs to be made aware.  Should I be concerned about backlash from the government by spreading the word?
I know they are doing this globally - but am especially sad to see them pollute the Hawaiian Islands.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chem Trails

We are here on vacation and were at Moloaa Bay yesterday.  Sad to see the chem trails.
Started out as lines and then spread out.
It was about 9:30 am on Friday.
Saw one today above Haena around 10 am - saw the plane - it was only one trail -

Good Friday Bad Friday

Good Friday Bad Friday
Dear Kauai Sky,
Three photos of three different persistent contrail vistas shot from Kapaa between 0900 -1130 on Good Friday, April 22, 2011.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Poipu area just before sunset the first part of this week. People at the beach watching for the sunset had no clue !

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kaua`i Sky

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Chattanooga.  Seventy degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Unlike other days there wasn't one white line to be seen. The forecast for today was continued sunny weather. I came home around 10 p.m. last night. A bright beautiful moon filled the southern sky - a sky laced with at least twenty long white criss-crossing chemtrails. The sky this morning is filled with high scattered clouds. The weather changes so quickly here. Sunny one day and suddenly thunder storms and tornados. The guiet little creek in town rose twenty feet three days ago after a "freak" rain storm. And the jets keep filling the sky with white ??? Getting sneaky - doing it at night.

Dakan in Chattanooga

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kaua`i Sky

I live on the south side I have been photographing some nasty crap. Glad to find your blog. attached are some pictures I took the two of the rare view of Oahu overlooking the old koloa sugar mill appeared to be a very heavy spray day. then again what day isn't ???  I wish I had the dates and could probably get them for you if you wanted but the other photos are all within the last couple months. I have just recently became attuned to this atrocity. I desperately miss the vivid blue skies that we once enjoyed here.

Chemtrail: Exclamation point!

This chemtrail is shaped like an 'exclamation point'.  See how it transforms into a regular looking sort of cloud.
This guy was one of sixteen separate chemtrail formations over Kauai today April 17, 2011 between 10 and 10:30 AM.
It's a beautiful, sunny day.  Too bad the chemtrails are mucking -up the blue sky.

Even on Sunday: no rest for the wicked

Even on Sunday:  no rest for the wicked


Month of April has been very busy for the Persistent Contrail Geo-Engineers over Kauai.  Though I did not photograph the abomination, I paid attention.  During these days, through winds and rains, visibility across Kauai worsened by the day leaving us mired in soupy air.  Persistent blue-gray smog blanketed mountains and valleys and obscured vistas.  Only since Tuesday April, 12, 2011 has the air begun to clear.  Finally, today, Sunday April 17, 2011, Kauai finally has the visibility and minimally compromised blue skies we are growing accustomed to, if you get my drift.


Now for the bad news.


Jet aircraft return this morning, Sunday April 17, 2011 1000 to 1030 hours to again work to transform our atmosphere to plasma.  Seems there's no rest for the wicked, even on a Sunday, as these photographs show only a fraction of the entire man-made mess.  Scattered, dripping splatters like steaming- streaming liquid spider webs blotting the blue sky en-mass.   Photos of sky over Kapaa to my north/ north east. 


Have mercy.  If this is for our own good, something very big is behind a reason for this world-wide effort to change our atmosphere. 

over poipu

Last night just after sunset over Poipu

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Michael J. Murphy touring Hawaii to screen "What in the World are They Spraying?'

I will be in Hawaii to screen my film "What in the World are They Spraying?" April 13 thru May 5th.  I will be at Hilo College on April 14th and Maui Earthday May 1st.  Please contact me if interested in organizing a screening during this time at

Michael J. Murphy

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chemtrail/geoengineering activism shirts and DVD's available from Film Maker Michael J. Murphy

The shirts have proven to be an effective activism tool because people will actually come up to you and ask "what are they spraying?"

 Fellow Acivists,

Activism T-Shirts and "What in the World are They Spraying?" DVD's are now available on my website The shirts have proven to be an effective activism tool because people will actually come up to you and ask "what are they spraying?  Also, we are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and hand out for free in support of our vision of making this issue known to all.  Thanks again for all of your support in exposing this crime against nature and humanity.


Michael J. Murphy

Michael J. Murphy