Friday, October 29, 2010

Fwd: 28 OCT 2010 post-rainfall sustained "Chem-smog" over Kapaa, Kauai

Dear Kauai Sky,
Please find attached four (4) photographs of poor air quality this late afternoon, 28 OCT 2010 sustained after 18 hours intermittent heavy rainfall and coastal trade winds 10 - 25 mph (a much needed storm) on the east shore Kauai.  
Normally, after a storm of such magnitude the air is particularly crystal clear, skies bright blue and visibility of mountains excellent.
Strangely enough, as you can see, the air is filled with a dusty, gray-brown smog, even after rain and wind.  Worse even than back in the day when sugar plantations were burning cane fields-- the air wasn't this bad.  Also reminiscent of Los Angeles smog.
I'm no meteorologist, but I know bad air when I see it-- most people do.
I fear this unusually bad air is due to the heavy persistent chem trail spraying over Kauai in recent weeks.  God help us.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chem trail "residue shadow" photo 21 OCT 2010 & 3 trails east shore 26 OCT 2010

No activity in the sky over the weekend but "they" are definitely making up for it as anyone can see.  I have lived on the east shore for over ten years and never seen skies like this, up until recently.  One very strange detail, too, is the fact that for all the very heavy low cloud cover there is little to no rainfall over Kapaa-- highly unusual. 
Photo #1:  21 OCT 2010, an excellent example of the latent particle "smog" residue left in the air many days after chem trail spraying.  One could argue that this is simply water vapor or volcanic material or other pollutants or any combination of the aforementioned-- I accept those possibilities for I am as an objective person you'll meet.  But, I have been closely following this chemtrail/ air quality in my area, Kapaa, for over four weeks.  As a decade-long resident, I believe it to be due to geoengineering chemtrail activity.
Photo #2:  26 OCT 2010,  can you find the (3) parallel streaks in the sky?  I witnessed the smallest one (nearest horizon) coming out from the aircraft itself.  Lucky, because low rolling clouds often obscure views of the upper atmosphere.  This accounts now five times in four weeks I have personally seen sustained trails coming out the back of jet aircraft.  If this activity is good for us, let's say cooling the planet or something, why aren't we being told.  Will those responsible please tell us what is going on?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday in hanapepe

Salt pond Saturday

I watched as we were sprayed.  Beautiful blue skies over salt pond park.  The sky before and after.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chemtrail Photos Kapaa Kauai 13 OCT 2010

Chemtrail over "obliterated" sky, Kapaa, Kauai 13 OCT 2010. 

Letter to Readers and SkyWatchers

There are many ideas on what the lines in the sky are...

The EPA, NOAA, NASA, AND the FAA say no big deal.
Many say otherwise.
In addition to posting many external links and the personal observations of individuals, certainly people can search and as well intuit on their own.
Our stand is that the accidental or deliberate spraying, etc. is stoppable and the very best way is for people to make it stop is by organizing on Kaua'i to pressure government to force aricraft to stop or avoid flying overhead, at least.
We say there is no overcome-able reason why [theoretically] long-distance high-altitude flights must pass over Kaua`i.
Our commitment is that this blog serves as proof to cross reference against military and commercial flight records.
From a documented place of power we have a chance to stop this worldwide.
Please do all you can to spread the word to increase awareness, readership, and encourage active SkyWatchership (to document and post observations.)

More Mass Chemtrails over East Kauai 16 OCT 2010

Dear CleanAirKauai,
Today appears to be yet another day of bold, in-your-face atmospheric engineering over East Kauai.  I witnessed again on two separate occasions (approximately 10:15 AM and 12 NOON) a large 747 type jet aircraft releasing white plumes into the atmosphere at high altitude.  These plumes stayed in the air and did not disappear like a classic contrail would.  This is some kind of material being released by man into the air. The attached photo is of the 10:15 AM release.  What is this?  Do the people of Kauai have a right to know what is being put in the air?  Please advise.

selected photos Kapaa Kauai 15 Sept 2010

one chemtrail from a series I shot and reported to your site previously (the second chemtrail I shot that day-- not included here is less "photogenic".


Over kalapaki during a canoe blessing. My friend watched as they spayed and then spread their trail to make it look like clouds. Disgusting!


For all non believers...

Tell me this does not look evil.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Over Kauai Oct 13, 2010

You probably noticed what a complete mess the skies over Kauai are today, 13 OCT 2010.  But I wasn't totally "sold" until I caught a chemtrail a little later over my home at about 230 PM or so. Alas, no plane though.  What could it all mean?


Photo taken on Jerves street on Kauai on 2-22-10. Thanks for your blog. I am glad we have a forum to educate Kauai.