Monday, December 20, 2010

Chem trail air base

Where are the planes coming from and what Gov Agency is doing this?  Seems like there is real tight security for this and I bet the pilots are very highly paid to drop all of this toxic stuff.  I wondered why I all of a sudden devloped shingles soon after arriving on Kauai, I hope it goes away soon.

Keep up the good work, if I see any this week I will report it to you asap.


WiNiKenekE said...

Aloha, to even discuss a airbase location, yet alone have that info, is not suggested, nor wise. and it's not a "gov agency". it would be a 'club of Rome' or higher up the pyramid group, who are ibred occult, who think they are superior, and who wish 90% of population dead. i would like to add a interesting read, and a link. . click on the "Q", and then scroll down slightly to a fresh Dec 20th article titled: "Chemtrail, vaccines and the financial trigger point-by a wall street insider". after you have absorbed that, don't be too shocked, as it is almost or at "spot on". to understand what's really happening, you must think that these diabolical elite power trippers are deadly serious about GMO modification, biological scams, and vaccine fraud on multiple levels. they have think tanked, and planned this for decades, supposing all the "slaves", as lesser to them, and not worth keeping around. it's really obvious here in Havaii, men and young athletes who used to surf, now who can hardly get a wave in, it's obvious to see so many peoples in every demographic group, who were once healthy, now with sudden or bizarre illness. many doctors in some of the more higher up elite medical boards, know exactly what is happening, and are told to shut up, lose license, or else. many docotrs and nurses on the other hand have no idea what's happening up in the sky, and are completely brainwashed to supposing all humans spread disease and we are the disease mechanisms. it's so hard to comprehend all this, and those that do, some of them disappear, are killed, or missing. this is a tough subject! the most urgent hope i have, is that we ALL, wake up to this, especially COUNTY, and islands. aloha.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...