Friday, May 3, 2013

a question from a skywatcher...

who has good links for seeing chemtrails on a globe?
have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Look Up! A Social Action Documentary - YouTube

a smart phone app for reporting chemtrails directly to your
politicians, etc. aloha

Waimea. 4/29/13

The most polluted sky I've ever seen

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kaua`i Sky

Aloha Friends, I sympathize with all the people that have to endure the evil passions of the Big 6 . My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all Hawaiian residents especially the natives. Kauai has been and still is the test lab for chemtrails, GMO's , pesticides and military weaponery. I wll cheer the day when it all ends.  May you find Peace on the most beautiful island in the world.     Mahalo

Attention Skywatchers

Please email only smal pics - i recommend lowest resolution from your
cellphone - i pic at a time.
If they come as too large, or in one email with too many - i can not
send the email to the blog without a lot of work I do not have the
time for.

In general, I am looking to have someone 'take over' the blog.

Also, if you would like to have admin privileges - and be willing to
accept large pics/ large emails with multiple pics - and work with
them - to get them uploaded - please write.

Also i can set anyone up to post directly to the blog without passing
through an admin - either by cellphone text or email.

Let me know if you are interested.

The quickest and easiest way to record (and in the future provide
evidence and crosscheck with flight/ air-traffic control records - is
by as close to real-time sky-watching as possible.

Even a below-average camera phone is good for that. One pic with a
label facing west at Kalaheo "spraying south to north" (with ideally
an on-ground reference point.

Thank everyone, and keep up the good work - if some one can get these
instructions to the newspaper that would be great.

Also, i to my hardest to keep posts anonymous - as you see i try hard
to edit our your name - identifying info - unless expressly asked to
leave your personal info.

Thanks and have a deep blue sky with normal, natural puffy cloud day!

West Side Skies?


I'm writing in response to this statement of the 36 year resident of
Kauai. I am only a 5 year resident but I arrived here 5 years ago as a
compulsive sky watcher after cursing chem trails for over 10 years in
California. The first 3 years that I lived in Kalaheo I was so happy
to never ever see chems in the sky. Now the last 2 years they come in
rushes. Some days none and then other days the ugly stripes appear. So
my question is how long have they been appearing over the skies of the
west side?