Thursday, December 23, 2010

chemtrails today above Kapahi, Kauai about 6 pm

the trail that is the short white one had no plane in sight and appeared to be earlier along the same path as the other. The pink clouds had a plane in the distance with the chemtrail behind (one is zoomed in for closer view)
Subject: Chemtrail 4
Subject: Chemtrail 2
Subject: Chemtrail 1


Aryt Alasti said...

It may be worthwhile to look into the question as to whether missile-testing exhausts could result in chemical exposures at the ground level. The base on Kaua`i is about to be developed in a huge way for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

I saw it too and snapped a photo too. It amazes me how quickly the chemical trail goes from a sharp line, and starts to 'blend out'.