Monday, December 20, 2010

Lahaina Maui

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Anonymous said...

Aloha, thank you for Mauai pic's. i understand, notice the "rolling" and dropping effects, yes this pictures accurate, has happened on Kauai Atooi also. most of these are about GMO and weather modify, SOME FLU DUMPS, continue in several nations worldwide. NO FEAR! we can survive, and yes never back down! let us ALL, encourage, and employ PRAYER, what ever faith, meditation, we are all in same islands, we can survive! vegetable soap, more, much more gallons of that! old farm discipline, needed now, support local, green products, ionic silver solutions, bathing veggies and fruit very important. OHANA, we are, we will win with the power of LOVE. aloha is bigger, than any plane, dumping anything. just believe it! it's ok, tough to absorb subject matter. as for the person with shingles, remember the myline sheath around the nerve endings, needs "Phosphystal serine", a top quality supplement, and lot's of flax oil should help heal! please pass on to that party, shingles is not fun, also using KAVA KAVA powder for the pain, works awesome for nerve pain. hope OHANA HOPE, WE CAN HOPE! MAHALO....RAINBOWS coming soon!