Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kaua`i Sky

12/15/2010  A Good Day To Die
Driving to Kekaha...sick metallic grey blue here..cannot see the sea..pale metallic grey...eyes burn..nose burns...a year was bright blue skies and cumulus clouds...I know we are all afraid here..I know many of us know now...what is to be done?.....I can only speak for myself...I will stand and bear witness others..and my creator...I will tell everyone who will listen..I am old..I will live the rest of my short life appreciating all the wonders here...I will not die on my knees...and I will rage against this ...If it means I will die shortly..or be allowed to live by the filth that does this..I will bear witness until I die...everyday I wake up and see the Mother a good day to her defense...


Anonymous said...

ALOHA~~~well said.mwany still in self denial stage, shock, or ignorance. the globalist groups are pissed off, they did not get there martial law H1N1 (really H5N1), vaccine pandemic to work, instead the world exposed it, and now they are caught. so more and increasing experiments of gaseous and biologicals, unknown dumps of who knows what. most likely a nano technology and or agricultural or pesticide drop. let's be vigilant and watch for how the chickens and bees "add up", obvservation. many of these flights are indeed hired out and by secret orders. it's EUGENICS, on a larger scale, psycho paths and evil groups who administer these flights. best way to endure it is PRAYER, MEDITATION, IONIC SILVER WATER, AND ANY OTHER CHELATION PLANTS AND HERBAL TINCTURES. VEGETABLE SOAP. PRAYER.....CONFIRM CHEM TRAILS ARE REAL, THEY ARE BEING SPRAYED NATION AND ISLANDS WIDE, OVER AND OVER. WHAT A SHOCKING, BUT EXITING TIME WE LIVE IN! THE POWERS OF LOVE WILL PREVAIL, NO WORRY. ALMOST OVER... Aloh^aaaaaaaaa~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

It is time.
The Controllers do not care what we is what we do..
Posters..CHEMTRAILS + GMO CROPS=DEATH...or whatever the fierce spirits here in their warrior way can imagine....It is time to think outside the box..