Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Eve: A deceptively beautiful Kapaa sunset February 13 2011

If not for the mass man-made streaks across the sky above Nounou Mountain aka Sleeping Giant resulting in thick gray air and poor visibility, I'd believe this place Heaven... one day the truth shall be revealed why this abomination is forced upon us.

Is it for our own good?

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Anonymous said...

Aloha! Today i heard on the Dr Deagle "Nutrimedical report" on GCN. what i heard was no surprise. there has just recently this year been accurate scientific testing to the top of Mt Shasta snow, top layers. there is quote " 61 times the normal trace of supposed "normal" Aluminum", in the snow! so let's think here, HOW DID THAT MUCH ALUMINUM, get into the new, powder SNOW? funny, how earth's purest crystals, reveal the science and proof of what is being sprayed and dropped, ALL OVER THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. perhaps in the southern also? well, that is a lot of ALUMINUM!! this is a gross criminal act, chemtrail dropping, spraying that, just as awful as the Corexit 9527A "spray on spray off" by the US planes, in a huge genocide, last year, at the gulf of Mexico. i wonder just how much Aluminum is falling on the present islands foliage? and in the earth? why can't we get to the important ACT OF TESTING? this is a serious issue, yes these planes are indeed, spraying at NIGHT, and in the day. well, keep praying for honest, diligent solutions...and mahalo!