Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jets Persist Like Distant Thunder: Chemtrails Fall Rip Through Dense Cloud Cover

This is a new one on me and I've been watching this stuff closely for some months now:  Today February 19, 2011 between 1125 and 1230 over Kapaa, Kauai jet aircraft thunder above dense cloud cover for the second straight day during same daylight hours, however this time the result appears quite extraordinary (yes, even for chemtrails).
Photo #1:  See chemtrail number two, wide view.

Photo #2:  Close up view of chemtrail number one.  Within fifteen minutes of a loud jet aircraft overhead and above the thick dense cloud layer this chemtrail appears to "fall and rip a whole" through the cloud cover".  A new one on me folks, gotta' say it is impressive.
Photo #3:  View of chemtrail number two.  This trail had exactly the same effect as chemtrail number one but is less defined.  Again, I could hear the jet pass overhead above the cloud layer then minutes later this chemtrail "fell through the thick cloud cover" ripping a whole in the thick layer.
Photo #4: Same chemtrail number two, different view.
One day I wish to examine these chemtrailer's reports and documents to determine exactly what they're doing, I mean at this point all I can do is speculate and keep track by documenting what I see, hear and photograph.  Interesting... all these what must be expensive, semi - covert operations... 
And finally, the blueish gray smog/vog particulate matter is still in the air throughout the east and south shores inhibiting views of the mountains.  This poor visibility has gone on for weeks without much relief despite storm conditions, rain and trade wind gusts.

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