Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17 Onslought with vengence in broad daylight

In a barrage of no less than eight fly - overs near my home in Kapaa, Kauai, jets thunder above on February 17, 2011 between 1145 and 1315.  Interestingly, I witnessed one jet intersperse chemtrail in a patch of blue sky... chemtrail "on"... chemtrail "off"... chemtrail on again then disappear behind a large cumulus cloud.  Two similar crafts at same altitude shortly thereafter released no trail behind.  Made me think "decoys". Then, BAM, the jets were persistent, one after the other booming above the cloud riddled sky.  This was an onslaught!  Fortunately, I was able to capture a few trails in the parting cloud cover.  The upper atmosphere "marbled" with latent phony clouds.  Absolutely stunning.  Near 1400 now and it looks like massively solid storm with thick gray cover and wind gusts to 25 mph.  They are back with a vengence in broad daylight.


Anonymous said...

Bear witness.

WiNiKenekE said...

Alo^haaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~ Kauai's GREEN palnts, foliage, jungles and trees, will not be dumped on!! we are TOO STRONG, we are TOO HEALTHY. THE BREATH OF THE EARTH, red volanic earth, Atooi dirt, will NOT be degraded! criminal acts of biological and chemical stewalth warfare will NEVER STAND. all jungle plants will, and are recovering!! all plants will be re freshed in clean rains! viruses lab made and crap unknown, will never be effective! we will stand at the gates of HELL, we won't back down! and i', WON'T...BACK DOWN. the jungle will prove itself, we will not be diseased, we will repair, heal and detox! all of Kauai prayers and the LIGHT OF OUR SOULS WILL NOT BE HARMED! no worries, no worries!! ALO^HAAAAAA IS BIGGER! may the breath of the earth be triumphant, as it IS, it will be so! MALAMA PONO!!!!! will NOT, BE changed. i rest my statement, and Kauai' rest in it.