Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kauai's Persistent Poor Visibility: 'Like a distant forest fire...'

Today, February 13, 2011, Kapaa Kauai received some clearing in cloud cover after quite a few consistent days of solid high cloud cover, storms with intermittent heavy rains and trade winds consistent 10 to 25 mph.
Many folks I've spoken to are very happy to see the sunshine again after this much winter activity.  However, the air quality and visibility across valleys continue to be obscured by a blue-gray smokey haze not normally found in the air after such winter storm conditions.  This continues to be highly unusual and I have personally not witnessed such a weather anomaly as this in the eleven years living in Kapaa. What I expect is crystal clear mountain views along with bright blue skies.  This is just not the case for weeks now. 
Again, I cannot stress this enough-- this is not the case and has not been the case for a matter of weeks-- one would expect clear air and visibility and blue skies after such storm conditions.  Instead, what is found lingering in the air is more like the aftermath of a distant forest fire.  Fine, micro-particulate matter clinging in-place, unmovable by winds or rains. 
Photograph number 1:  This is the best chemtrail specimen I could capture today 02.13.2011 of the half dozen I could see above my home in Kapaa.  High winds in the upper atmosphere are moving the trails quickly and they are subsequently mixing and/or moving behind other natural clouds.  I was therefore, lucky to capture this guy on film.  Please note the physical contrast between this chemtrail and the natural clouds surrounding it.  Quite obvious to me.
Photographs numbers 2 & 3:  This illustrates the poor visibility and air quality.  A view from my home in Kapaa looking at Sleeping Giant Mountain.  After such stormy conditions I would expect a very clear view of SGM.  However, like I said, this "smoke" has been unmovable for weeks despite heavy rains and winds to 25 mph.
Please, I encourage all readers of KauaiSky to keep your heads up, cameras "on target", and to spread the word concerning our islands mysterious Geo-engineering.  We all deserve to know the truth about our air and skies.  Mahalo


Anonymous said...

Aloha! Yes, this is the truth. I wonder just how much of this PPM uh "tannish gray, uh blue-gray" almost "smoggy or VOGGY" like colr is a persistent haze. even today the 13th, yes on the beach at Hanalei, normally you would see green detail and rainbows, waterfalls "would of could of been" beautiful today, but NO, the visibility was way THICK. this has been repetitive for several weeks, YES, looks very much like a forest fire condition aftermath. the tourist even overheard them complaining about the visibility, and unable to see the magic of Hanalei bay, rainbows and mountain misty. WOW, it's just not there! so why with all the mountains of money some very smart people have here on this island....why are not we measuring and application of scientific test kits? we can do this and measure what is going on, collect samples, PPM analysis and prove what is the messy coloration in the skies of Kaua'i. please, if you have science degrees, and let's get busy, figure this's not funny anymore, it's real, and it's affecting ALL OF OUR HEALTH. mahalo to all...

Anonymous said...

Aloha again! So it's VOG CONFIRMED. YES, VOG, as we locals on every island know exactly what that is, what it looks like, and what it taste like. however, that's only a greater excuse for the chemtrail aircraft to "hide" and perfectly "mask" there shit. so yah, we got "CHEM-VOG", AND "GRITTY DUSTY-VOG", even AFTER it rains, with north winds even! i mean, it is all a soupy bunch of conspiracy, blame the volcanoes, blame dust storms in China, or occult hired pilots in nano equipped secret death aircraft. uh ummmm. did you see that poison and skull symbol on the aircraft tail? lol. may be if we ALL purchased a bottle of BIONAID OR OXYSILVER, zeolife or zeoheal chelation, we could actually build some copper tubes in the backyards, and fight this health menace of death dumping-geo-engineering. lol. get your vegetable soap out, wash your veggies and fruit baby.