Thursday, February 24, 2011

Manufacturing a Kauai Sky: February 24, 2011

Manufacturing a Kauai sky


Fiery electrical storms in the earliest hours of darkness introduced February 24, 2011 to islanders.  I awoke to dry, prickly night air and the faint smell of burning rusted iron.  Lightening crackled and burst in spectacular shapes and colors observed through my bedroom window.  Its fury above across the horizon, rumbling rooftops in a blitz, forging power from the east in an epic battle of Gods overhead unrelenting until its forces faded beyond the peaks of Mt. Kawaikini.


By mid morning I had hoped to find clear blue skies or simply natural cloud cover in the aftermath of such a storm.  Some luck achieved.  Kauai sky is the clearest blue it has been in many long weeks, perhaps months and visibility across valleys has improved greatly.


Now the bad news:  Patterns for chemtrails release on the east side, Kapaa and Lihue are typically like this—trails are sprayed before dawn over the Pacific so that the trade winds/jet stream carry them landward in a fashion that blocks rising sunlight.  Blocking the sun is one consistency in what I have been observing since September 2010.  I have not witnessed a clear view of the morning sun since then.  In eleven years I have not seen anything like it and I pride myself as one who notes the sky on a daily basis, always have since childhood.  Some folks are just that way, I suppose.  Maybe that's where 'head in clouds' or 'daydreamer' comes from.  I am those things for sure-- been accused of worse.


Photo #1:  10:00 sky above Seven Sisters (W/NW from my position in Kapaa) is as blue as has been in months, air clearing as well.  A relief, as this is what is expected more often.


Photos #2 - #4:  10:00 "in coming" latent chemtrails from the east (coastline) sprayed across the sky before dawn designed to catch trade winds/ jet stream to move over land while blocking sunlight.  Note the contrast between natural cumulus clouds and thin, scattered, high-level, off-colored 'chem-clouds'.  Typically, these chemtrails will float, expand, spread over the top of the east side sometimes creating thick clouds, sometimes staying thin and high, always attempting to block the sunlight and filling the air with a fine micro-particulate dust.  


Concerning bad air, at some point later I will capture a night time photo of which I remark.  Often I'll look out my dining room window onto the street below where the streetlamp captures the micro-particulate dust through its beam—even after heavy rains and wind.  That view alone clues me to the quality of our air. Certainly our air contains water vapor, dust, pollutants, volcanic contents, etc.  However, something else has been added to the mix and it is coming from above.  Some nights are better than others, but I cannot imagine some of it is good to breathe—particularly for young children.


Kauai is well known for its near perfect environment and climate.  What is the point of manufacturing a Kauai sky?

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Anonymous said...

Chemtrails have multiple evil purposes...kill the ecosystem,kill the human immune system and...and to hide things above in the skies from humans..what kind of things?..go on a Google adventure..type Planet X..I lived in the Arctic two years ago..the night sky was very clear in the cold..clear enough to see alot of strange lit objects marched across the skies high stations?..whose?