Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kaua`i Sky

I've lived in Kauai for three and and a half years now. I moved here from California where I was an avid sky watcher, the chem trails there are over the top on most days. The day is completely changed from blue sky to white more often than not. Layer upon layer of ever widening white trails that last all day.

Upon moving to Kauai I continued to watch the sky and I was over joyed at never seeing any chem trails. Then that all changed about six months ago. They're not like the ones in California........yet, but they're here now. Are we being slowly trained to get used to them?

Does Monsanto want our local soil to become filled with high aluminum content so they can plant their aluminum resistant seeds that only they now have a patent on? Hey why not? We're allowing them to saturate us with round up right?

The area of California where I lived that's being so heavily sprayed with chem trails hosts large corporate farms. Is there a connection? Controlling the rains and the soil would give one a huge amount of power.


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