Thursday, March 22, 2012

I was camping at Larsens that evening (3/19) and had a dream there were chem trails which spread thick over the sky while I slept!  I was very troubled.  I have never dreamt of chem trails before.  I am very thankful for your assisting us in resolving this matter.  I was at the national rainbow last year in WA.  On the 3rd/ 4th of July, which is our biggest attendance we were sprayed in the middle of the national forest.  It was a checkerboard across the sky! I have never seen such a thorough spray. I took a short video which I will send you if it is helpful.  National rainbow gatherings in quite isolated places are well known for being sprayed. Also I am planning to spend time doing hiking and camping during the upcoming months.  I can try to keep an eye on the sky and photo/ video any Chem trails.  In Santa Monica, CA I saw them spray in the early am along the coast over the water.  I watched the trails expand and spread over the sky over a portion of the am.  We have also been sprayed in a remote location in the mtns near Espanola, NM during the time we hold our summer solstice meditations and peace prayer day gatherings.
Blessings! Mahalo!!

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