Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chemtrails over NorthShore Kauai 3/20/2102 sunrise to 10 am

Hi, I'd like to report five chemtrails over the Northshore Kauai skies this morning, March 20, 2012, from sunrise to approximately 10 am.  I live in Haena and awoke to the most beautiful, clear, pristine blue skies I've seen in months.  I walked to the beach and noticed one long chemtrail with a 90 degree arc over Na Pali.  I then went stand up paddling with my boyfriend and while we were in the ocean we observed the jet emit four more chemtrails.  Now the sky is hazy and there is no more blue sky.  Since I'm an attorney, licensed in Hawaii, California and the Federal Courts, I've already talked to a public interest law firm in Washington D.C. whose attorneys are investigating chemtrails and considering filing class actions, but the difficulty is in obtaining direct evidence of the specific chemicals in the emissions.  I intend to file a FOIA request with the US government today to obtain these facts.  If you have any other information that you would like to obtain, please notify me at (808) 826-4200 and I will include your query.  Sincerely, Teresa Tico, Attorney, former Grand Jury Counsel, former Kauai Bar president, and former Per Diem Judge

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Anonymous said...

thank you for doing your due diligence in this matter ! I have done some inquiries here in Florida by first calling the EPA and then they referred me to the FAA..The person that i spoke to from the FAA was telling me that this was for keeping the misquitoes under control..i did not feel that this answer was truth !! Can you please keep us abreast of how and what if anything I can do to assist you in this matter..thank you again, Kay, also know as the Skywalker :)