Monday, October 10, 2011

see this?

They use chemtrails and haarp to push down the radiation cloud


The day of the Sept 9 2011 Vancouver island earthquake there was also heavy spraying,



Spraying continued all day later in the day these strange lights appeared within the chemtrails, about 1 hr after the quake I took these pictures over my back yard if that chemtrails was not there the lights would not have shown up, Could these lights be H.A.A.R.P?


I continue watching the sky's taking pictures of oddities for example, see how particials fall from the chemtrails? the chemtrails break up but continue to spread these particials.


 1,000 times worse than anticipated: Fukushima


Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS levels (20 000 CPM) Aug 14 2011 原発事故: Mutant Rabbit Born Near Fukushima Daiichi


07-Sep-2011 12:15   26K;O=D
This image is 2 days before the earthquake of Sept 9th 2011 according to the interview they are spraying chemtrails then pushing the 
radiation cloud down with HAARP if this radiation cloud was here on Sept 7, where was this cloud on sept 9? directly over Vancouver Island 
where the quake hit? anything over 40 is dangerous..

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