Wednesday, October 26, 2011

another letter to the editor at The Garden Island

Here's another letter to the editor at The Garden Island, after
viewing the photo from Monday's paper(the one you linked to on your

I also had a long talk with the photographer who just wasn't aware of
anything like chemtrails.

Aloha Nathan,

I just saw Dennis' photo from the Monday paper of the sky and clouds.
At first, I was excited, thinking that the paper is taking notice of
the strange cloud formations caused by military jets dispensing
aerosol chemicals into the upper atmosphere - commonly referred to as

But when I read the caption, the opposite information was conveyed :
"Nature uses the sky as a canvas with wispy clouds creating a skyscape
artwork, Wednesday during the Lights On Afterschool event at the Elsie
Wilcox Elementary School."

I called and spoke with Dennis this afternoon and shared with him
that, as a fellow photographer, I am very aware of the environment and
how it plays a role in my wedding photography. And have been alarmed
at the frequency of unusual "cloud" formations in the skies in recent
days, weeks and months. These are streaks left by jet trails that
balloon into hazy, thick steel colored swaths, often blending into an
opaque blur - obviously not the work of Mother Nature. And it would be
misleading, for the public, to be lulled into thinking that they are.

I have quite a few dramatic photo examples, mostly from the east side,
but I see them all over the island from north to south as I travel to
different locations for photo shoots.

I spoke with Rodney Yama, the director of Environmental Health
Services for DOH here on Kauai and he shared that because of his
background training in meteorology, he looks at satellite radar images
every day and has been seeing patterns that he can't explain.

Dr. Pang, the EHS director on Maui, recently came to Kauai and gave a
presentation to a packed house at Children of the Land in Kapaa, on
the health effects of "chemtrails", GMO's and other environmental
challenges we face here in the islands.

So I feel you have the basis for a very fascinating investigative
piece for TGI that would provide a great service to the community -
bringing attention to what may be a threatening health issue for our
island ohana. And perhaps contributing towards a positive resolution
of this issue.

Questions that could be investigated - where are the jets based? PMRF?
And if so, whose directive are they operating under? What are they
putting into the atmosphere...and why.  Has an EIS been undertaken?
Why hasn't the public been informed?

This is, of course, a widely discussed topic and the web is full of
research, information, videos, still images and more. It is affecting
us here, on Kauai, our little dot in the middle of the Pacific. Where
our tourist industry is based on people wanting to get away from the
pollution of millions of cars, industry and busy metropolitan flight
patterns. Then they arrive and look up and wonder -  what happened to
the clear, clean blue skies? What's causing this way out here in the
Pacific? There surely aren't that many commercial flights coming in
and out.

Here is a link to a video of still images I took in Wailua back in July:

I sent Dennis a few images taken from today at Lydgate beach, if interested.

Thanks for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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