Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kauai Blue Sky Ordinance


This is your blog mediator here - with an anonymous request from
someone who has been photographing / documenting the Aerosol Tanker
Spraying activity (aka Chemtrails) in another region on the mainland.
This person is interested in reviewing our proposed local legislation
("Kauai Blue Sky Ordinance") in order to advise his community where he
resides about possible opportunities for involvement in creating
awareness around 'establishing "informed consent" empowerment' as a
pro-active response to Aerosol Crimes.

Specifically this person was asking on how they may receive a copy of
the proposed "Kauai Blue Sky Ordinance" for review............

Yes, it is true as far as I know we do not have this, but I wanted to
pass this message along.

If anyone is interested in contacting this person directly please
email me at and I will put you in touch.

Thank you,

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