Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not a natural sky: Garden Island Newspaper Photo

Not a natural sky: Garden Island Newspaper

Garden Island Newspaper's "Week in Review" offers photo of chemtrail
riddled sky as "natural".


Local legend and news gathering icon, photojournalist Dennis Fujimoto
published this photo of sky above Wilcox Elementary School October 24,

What makes this depiction dangerous is that The Garden Island
Newspaper advertises to its readership this sky photo as "natural"--
when in fact the editorial staff at TGI has been given personal
testimonials and dozens of photographic evidence just like it of
chemtrail activity over Kauai for more than a year.

Does anyone believe this sky is "natural"?

Many people may if the newspaper frames it so.

However, if you haven't noticed, the upper atmosphere has been smeared
almost daily with a quite unnatural geoengineered cocktail of
chemicals. Persistent streaks across the sky is one thing, but now
great swaths of pale have dominated in recent weeks.  I have been
documenting this activity since September 2010.

Rare now is a clear deep blue sky over Kauai.

As the clock ticks, as days turn to weeks and months, then years with
the skies filled with chemtrails-- and advertised as "natural" in the
newspaper of record, people will grow accustomed to this garbage in
the sky.

Like the frog in the pot of water over a low flame, by the time we
notice our demise it maybe too late.  With no thanks to our local

TGI is well-meaning, but this photo is not of a "natural" sky.


cloudwatch said...


I was at first excited to find out that they had published a photo of an obviously unnatural sky - and then shocked when I read the caption.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Santa Cruz Ca and chem trails are so thick there that the sky frequently becomes completely white by the afternoon as the chems widen and never dissipate. I moved here to the Kalaheo area 3 years ago and was delighted to find chem free skies. Then about 2 months ago I saw with horror my first solid chem trail in the sky. Now I see them daily. They seem to come from the direction of barking sands but the planes are so high that they're not even visible. How does this fit with what you're seeing on other parts of the island?