Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a message from kauai sky

i think everyone should share and post and be very nice with everyone and don't fight with anyone over this.
if someone thinks your crazy and insults you, just agree with them and shrug your shoulders and especially be nice.
invite them to look and research their self
i do not think anyone should be worried about government.
unfortunate things can be inevitable and yet will ultimately lead to the greater good.
i feel that the government will help us make the spraying stop as they are essentially good people with hearts who wish to make a difference yet they are practical people and can only address this if properly documented. understandable even though i wish it were different. i spoke to the very nice woman in the state building and they just needed documentation and that why i made the kauaisky.
i can give anyone access to be an anonymous email or picture text message author and therefore encourage everyone to post what they see when they see it with a brief description to speed the documentation process!
keep up the great work!!
thank you for your contribution.

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Ray said...

I live on kauai and can't figure out how to contact you. Please email me.