Sunday, April 17, 2011

Even on Sunday: no rest for the wicked

Even on Sunday:  no rest for the wicked


Month of April has been very busy for the Persistent Contrail Geo-Engineers over Kauai.  Though I did not photograph the abomination, I paid attention.  During these days, through winds and rains, visibility across Kauai worsened by the day leaving us mired in soupy air.  Persistent blue-gray smog blanketed mountains and valleys and obscured vistas.  Only since Tuesday April, 12, 2011 has the air begun to clear.  Finally, today, Sunday April 17, 2011, Kauai finally has the visibility and minimally compromised blue skies we are growing accustomed to, if you get my drift.


Now for the bad news.


Jet aircraft return this morning, Sunday April 17, 2011 1000 to 1030 hours to again work to transform our atmosphere to plasma.  Seems there's no rest for the wicked, even on a Sunday, as these photographs show only a fraction of the entire man-made mess.  Scattered, dripping splatters like steaming- streaming liquid spider webs blotting the blue sky en-mass.   Photos of sky over Kapaa to my north/ north east. 


Have mercy.  If this is for our own good, something very big is behind a reason for this world-wide effort to change our atmosphere. 

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