Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chemtrails thick over Poipu this evening

Another day - another spray.  So sorry to see this in Kauai. 
Watched an enormous thick chemtrail pass over the Poipu area this afternoon.
Pictures were taken around 5 pm on 4/28/11.
Talked to a local today who did not know about chemtrails.  I mentioned I read aluminum resistant GMO seeds are being developed and he said that made sense with Pioneer Hi-Bred leasing so much land on the east side to grow crops.  I did some reading online and found one site that is calling Hawaii the "GMO crop test capital of the world".
I really believe the heavy chemtrail spraying here has to do with the GMO crops they are growing.
Aloha Kauai - heading home this weekend.  Hope to see clear blue skies next time I return.

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Anonymous said...

exactly I photographed a cloud- maybe this same one I can now recognize so many types of chemical clouds. I awoke again to more spraying here on the south shore today.. everyday. how to spread more awareness? I watch the chemtrails turn into "clouds" these clouds are cloaking us everyday. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!