Monday, March 21, 2011

Report from atop Sleeping Giant

1:30 PM 21 March 2011  From my vantage point atop Wailua's wonderful Sleeping Giant I can see almost 360 degrees around from the east shore's Coconut Coast northward to Kong Mountain above Anahola then across lush green valleys of Wailua to the majestic heights of Waialeale Mountain over to Queen Ema's Bluff southward. Views well worth the effort of my hike to the top.
However, if not for the unnatural blue gray haze obstructing these fine views-- a smog-like settling all around from heavy chem clouds above, the views would be, well, absolutely heavenly. 
Not long after ascending to one of my favorite lunch spots at the summit, I was greeted by two fresh extra-long chemtrail streaks high above at an "eleven o'clock position" to the south.
Insult to injury? 
Mind you, the sky was already a mess, blotted pale with latent trailing over the last few days resulting in poor air quality with diminished visibility, but to make matters worse these two extra chemtrails seemed to be tossed in for good measure.  They quickly expanded, spread and mixed with the other cloud cover until completely inconspicuous to the uninitiated.  None of the other hikers seemed to notice, except my buddy, who said jokingly, "I like chemtrails today, they are keeping us cooler on our hike... good thing!"
Funny, but I think she was right.  Without all the man made action I am certain the day would have been brighter and hotter.
The other significant difference with mass chemtrailing days like today is that though the sky is filled with clouds there is little rain.  Under normal conditions with this many clouds and trade winds like today (10 - 15 mph) one would experience more scattered showers.  No showers were observed from my Sleeping Giant perch across the vast view plain and though the air looked moist in its blue gray color hanging about, it felt quite the opposite: dry.  So dry in fact I came home and applied Chap stick to my lips-- first time in years. 
As a side note many members of my family have been experiencing more allergy and cold symptoms than usual.  Eyes, nose, throat and lung conditions that are more intense, lasting longer than they should.  For now I am chalking it up to cold/flu season but the air quality here on Kauai is beginning to make me wonder... 
Giant 360 recap:  1:30 - 2:30 PM, Two extra long chemtrails over Wailua.  I experienced and observed winds 10 to 15 mph with lots of clouds (natural and man made) that did not rain and air that looked foggy and moist but was actually dry. 

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