Wednesday, March 2, 2011

360 degrees as i look around and this is what I see in lihue this morning

Well... at least they are not trying to hide it.  Perhaps more Kauai citizens will wake up and realize that this does not need to be reality.


Anonymous said...

I saw this obscenity start with white chemtrail bombings from the west to Lihue.The second half of the day was devoted to layering the fake grey clouds to overwhelm our skies,our water sources in the mountains.Carlights on.Leaden grey above now at 1600.Still and suffocating.We are witness to a bio spiritual war going on above our heads now.It is the darkness before the dawn.Trust the process,we are cut off now.We will get thru this.Trust the process.Love each other more than ever.Live your lives as you choose.

Anonymous said...

Alo^hAAAA!! Yes, I testimony to the comment above mine,, 6:09 pm. well stated! no FEAR needed, for those that truly comprehend what is happening, they need to bring more evidence to our county officials, state authorities, police, firefighters, etc. it's a smal isand with a very important community. et ALL of us help one another, not be scared. allthough this kind of info is scary in a way, almost uncomprehendable fro some, please hold strong, be courageous, get ready for several emergencies this year. importanat to stock up!! there are elite groups with huge multi quad trillion $ stakes on the verge point, it's all about China, Russia and the bulldog USA "Corporation", in a twisted competition. + other occult groups who pay for the chemtrail dumps. we can be strong by using products like Iodine 3-5%, tincture. we can use vegetable soap, meditation, and lot's of prayer. it's a exiting time, to be alive, appreciate and have faith in every day, no matter how hard, we are almost home!! MALAMA PONO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear AL HAAAA,we hear you..we love your comment and testimony..we are almost home dear one..