Thursday, March 17, 2011

The changes in our sky

Do you see the changes in our sky's?
March 13 and 14 were gorgeous day's,no chem clouds in sight.

Could this be right? What a delight it was to see ,no creepy chemicals falling down on me.To bad it didn't last. I guess that's all in the past. I am very sorry to report ,the evil mission they did not abort. March 15 and 16 our sky's were back to muck.  And all I can say is what the WTF.

The pic's are taken on the east side in various locations and times. The first pic is on the 03/14/2011.This was the chem free day if you will.The others are taken on  03/15 and 03/16/2011.On these days the sky had an eerie haze, you can see the obvious trails in some of them. Others have spread out more across the sky.

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Anonymous said...

The evil shitbags waited to see if Japan's radiation plume was going to affect them on Guam,where they fly from.