Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Giant Sleeps in Dry, Blue Gray Blankets

Two photos from 3:50 PM 20 March 2011 Kapaa Kauai shows high altitude latent chem clouds/ persistent contrails above, beyond, behind fluffy cumulus clouds.  Lots of this combination over the last couple days blocking the sunlight but providing very little rain on the east side of the island.  Under normal circumstances with this amount of low cumulus more showers would persist.  Also, no coincidence that the chem smog and poor visibility has returned along with the activity overhead.  Notice Sleeping Giant Mountain steeped in a thick blanket of blue - gray air.  Visibility across south and east valleys poor.  This air appears a moist fog, but it is nothing like it.  More of a dry gas, it reminds me of Los Angeles smog back in the day...

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