Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oct 16 2010 Princeville Kauai 1 photo at 9am 2 photo at 11 am

Thanks to KauaiSky, I have started to become aware the Sky and am starting to look up.

While in Princeville at 9 am, on Oct. 16, I witnessed the first chemtrail behind  'cloudy' sky.

2 hours later, at 11 am, second photo was taken of 2 parallel spray lines, in a different part of the Princeville sky.



Anonymous said...

Keep looking up my friend and tell everyone you know too look up as well... As Rolf says.... document as if you are going to go to trial.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, those are contrails, created by jet engines flying at high altitudes. The heated water vapor emitted by the turbines freezes due to the below freezing temperatures at that altitude. Then when illumated by sunlight the frozen water vapor crystals become visible. Yes, there are pollutants in the jet engine exhaust, just like your car.