Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Garden Island Article Contrails or Chemtrails 11/23/10 photo

Garden Island Newspaper produced a small article on chemtrails with [unfortunately] an excellent photo.
The photo submitted to the newspaper for use alongside the article was from one of our very own active SkyWatchers!


Winikeneke Leaf said...

I, am the RvLeaf comments. i am resident here, in a stolen land. i give thanks, for the ability to still be alive. after what us more advanced, out of the box thinkers know, we know that all sorts of chemical and biological dumping is being released, ever since @ 1999. it amazes me how many are in a surreal ignorance, or choose to be in "self denial", well...it is a very hard subject to absorb. i don't need any drugs, to understand the research, and conclusive proofs, already submitted, worldwide. i can say a vaery interesting article was raised by a Deborah Dupre', human rights activist, journalist, with several degrees. she pulled up in plain view, a DOD quoted code, or law. it stated decades ago, the DOD, has the right to practise biological experimentation on civilian populations. this is still available, it was a autumn 2009 report. examine; the Examiner! DUH! all we can do is keep our immune systems, and prayer, meditation life in order. and i mean, get ready...the elite depop crews, are not finished ...yet. millions of GMO mosquitoes, were just released in the Cayman islands, funded by the gates foundation. wow...what next? i suppose gates will make sure, these little pests, give us all a good dose of vaccinations? by mosquito that is! lol. i hope for everyone, to WAKE UP. well..not everyone...may be too many will just freak out, when they find out! meanwhile....Malama pono! and pray.

Winikeneke Leaf said...

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