Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From the Garden Island Newspaper

Kaua'i chemtrails

God Almighty, I pray this forthcoming information is simply a case of Chicken Little: 

Reluctant to talk about it publicly for weeks on end for risk of ridicule, I can now accept it. I think of my wife and children and colleagues and youth and kupuna — all my fellow islanders, then I turn my eyes upward to ask: "What in the world are they spraying?"

Since Sept. 12, 2010, I witnessed large jet aircraft release persistent trails over Kaua'i at high altitude no less than five times. Research reveals this is what's referred to as "chemtrails."

Chemtrails are a totally different beast than a commonplace aircraft contrail. A contrail quickly dissipates while chemtrails do not.

This is not science-fiction. It's science fact. Recently, German military has admitted it oversees. It is a world-wide phenomenon.

Chemtrails spread slowly, expand and fall eventually to smudge the clear blue sky into a pale bleak thing and fill the air with fine particulate matter without our consent.  

Kaua'i documentation is taking place at kauaisky.blogspot.com

Maui folks are featured in a new film entitled "What in the world are they spraying" (see YouTube).

My own compelling photographic evidence has been shared with The Garden Island newspaper among other sources. I have contacted the mayor.

No matter how you feel about me or my public statements in the past, I wish to share this mystery with you to come closer to understanding what this is. What is going on?

Please contact me for further details or discussion at rolfhb2@yahoo.com. Mahalo nui, peace and health to us all.

Rolf Bieber, Kapa'a

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