Tuesday, July 3, 2012

predawn polihale chemtrails, extensive aerosol spraying all night

they are spraying hours before dawn and right at dawn, to the southwest of polihale beach, between niihau and kauai. they then drift and grow considerably as it approaches kauai and on towards the northeast. this is the third day in a row for the west side, in turn all of kauai. the plane in the photo turns off the aerosol as he flies over pmrf. this is proving to be a very intense month for spraying, which at this point is looking like the frequency has been ratcheted up since early this year.

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Anonymous said...

I SCREAM!! 7/7/2012 saw three layers of death dumps here today .I live near the airport.I hear the planes come in-schedules have changed for the nights.Who are these pilots?
The Military presence here and in the rest of America is Satanically ruled now.They exist now to cull us.WAKEUP!