Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kaua`i Sky

Hi Kauai Sky,

Is there a way to get a better picture of that plane and find out if there are any markings on it? Do you know where the plane is coming from?

In the last few months I have seen planes leaving trails over Ulaan Bataar Mongolia, Washington, DC (this includes the Maryland and Virginia suburbs),  Santa Barbara, California and Nassau in the Bahamas. Everywhere I go I see high altitude planes leaving long expanding trails. From my limited understand of flight paths these planes are not originating at local airports because they are too high. They fly over the cities and airports. 

The planes(s) I saw in Santa Barbara where often in the early morning (6:30 ish) and started spraying about a half mile to a mile out at sea and then flew right over the center of town and then a few minutes later repeated the path.

It is really irritating to say the least. Losing the nice day and god only knows what we are then breathing. Disgusting.

Have you see the following article in the May 14, 2012 New Yorker:

Annals of Science: The Climate Fixers: Is there a technological solution to global warming? by

This article is very interesting and speaks in theoretical terms and quotes critics of the concept of fixing the climate. In the current issue of the New Yorker there is an article about Genetically engineered mosquitoes.  One group mentioned as a critic of the practice is the ETC Group. They are also a critic of geoengineering:

Thank you for your work.

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