Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As Drought Hits Key Crops, Fears of Food Crisis Loom | Common Dreams

good people of kauai and the world, do you see clearly what is going on? why would the weather in hawaii need to be altered when we have the trades and kauai having the wettest place on earth? what needs to be modified in hawaii, weather-wise? analysis of what is happening, now daily, is necessary and the conclusion needs to be stated. agenda 21 is a multi-pronged attack on humanity and is in full swing. the chemtrails are controlling the weather in a way that will eventually starve the worlds poor, either by flood or by drought and then go on to eliminating the so-called middle class. they are trying to make vitamin d a prescription drug. natural intake of vitamin d is being taken away by the chemtrails. why the permitted extensive fracking world wide, for natural gas with total disregard for maintaining quality water standards? all this while the bushes have bought up the largest aquifer in south america (paraguay)(google: bush paraguay water). the food industry is poisoning us with product ingredients we cannot pronounce. we call them chemicals. grow your own to bypass the frankenfood. the pharmaceutical industrial complex is poisoning us with untested drugs, deemed safe by the illegitimate food and drug association while lobbying to maintain cannabis as an illegal drug. pharmaceutical companies give money to congressmen to get re-elected. the cabal of our government is run like a well organized mob, out to take our money one way or another, maintaing us as slaves. the combination of all these attacks on humanity, coming at many aspects of our lives will only stop when the collective consciousness reaches a tipping point and that is when a real change will happen. we send unconditional love to the chemtrails every day. dr. masaru emoto changed the physical properties of water by sending love to the water (highexistence.com/water-experiment). if it can work for water it will work with chemtrails. we need to realize how powerful unconditional love is. 2012 is about collective consciousness with unconditional love as the driving force. sending unconditional love collectively is a strong weapon against physical elements used against us. pass this information around for the benefit of those uninformed. remember; collective consciousness. enjoy. peace, harmony, happiness, throughout the world. -concerned kauai skywatcher

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