Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fwd: Spraying Boldly

I just returned from a months stay in Santa Cruz CA. Below are photos of the skies as I observed them there on most days.

You're right in your statement about the high spraying and waking up to the sky having been sprayed in the dark of night, sneaky like, here on the island. In Santa Cruz they're very bold about it. They do it any old time of the day. I was in the parking lot of a couple of large box stores looking at the sky where I asked the parking lot workers, cart collectors, if skies always looked like this around here. Each time they looked up briefly and seemed very afraid to have a conversation about it. The paranoia to talk to me was obvious and palpable. I'm a healthy, normal looking woman and not used to people responding to an attempt at conversation with fear. It was very odd.

On the heavy spray days while in CA I had a definite sore throat and stuffy nose. I fear that it won't be long until they become more bold with the spraying here as well. How do we get people to look up, question and speak out?

The skies over Santa Cruz CA in October 2013

Yes we need to be creative to catch the attention of those not paying attention. We're making progress with the GMO problem, I fear that this arial geoengineering is even more difficult.

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