Friday, October 4, 2013

Fwd: Monsanto Buys Climate Corp for $1Billion

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Subject: Monsanto Buys Climate Corp for $1Billion

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It's true. Monsanto purchased Climate Corporation for $1 Billion dollars yesterday. Yes Climate Corporation is the actual name of the company, it is as ominous as it sounds.


If you are at all concerned about climate modification, especially in the hands of Monsanto You must act now.


Its time for all of us to pitch in. Give as much as you can. Skyder is a 501c(4) not-for-profit corporation, and we use all of the proceeds to shine the light on GeoEngineering ("chemtrails") SRM and weather modification. These programs threaten life on earth as we know it.


We need serious funding to take our message mainstream. Together we can make a change.




Hats and bumper stickers just arrived- and we will be shipping all new and backorders next week! 


Please buy 1 now (or 2 or 10... or 50)  Skyder Inc. is a 501(c)4 Not-for-profit corporation, and your contributions enable us to continue to spread the word and bring these programs into public awareness.


Think of your children, your friends and loved ones, and yourself. 
Please give what you can. 


Answer to Cancer is Dr.Doug's book on how to avoid cancer, and how to prevent re-occurrence. In today's world of GMO's, toxic air, polluted water and constant environmental health threats EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK.
Dr Doug is a Cancer survivor himself, and founder of the Life After Cancer Network, a 501c(3) non profit corporation. 
Look Up!  You can see it happening right above your heads. Its time to get serious and shine the light on this deadly program before its too late. 


On behalf of everyone on this planet,  thank you for your continued support. 


Skyder Inc is a Not for profit 501c(4) Corporation. 
Contributions to the organization are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions

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