Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evergreen 747 Supertanker with patent 7413145 Possible source of New Aerosol Chem-dumps vs Chemtrails

5/21/2010 - WLOX News: Evergreen 747 Chemtrail Supertanker "can spread a 200 foot wide path about 350 miles long".
Evergreen is "currently in discussions with BP, the Coast Guard and the Air Force about the capability and availability of the Evergreen Supertanker."

WLOX 2010 Video Coverage

A 2008 US Patent, 7413145 held by EVERGREEN AIR uses a huge 747 capable of 350 mile long Chemtrail/ Aluminum Aerosol Dumps.
The Patent clearly claims (Page 8) the capability to disburse atmospheric compounds for "Weather Modification".


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Anonymous said...

I live in South Carolina and almost on a daily basis, I have counted as many as 6 different planes spraying back and forth, normally running north to south. I live about 100 miles off of the coast, so I figure they are catching wind from the sea.