Thursday, January 6, 2011

TGI 01.05.11, Letter to editor

In response to the concerns over the alleged "chemtrails" in the sky, the whole thing is so preposterous.
The photo clearly indicates that it is a trail from an airplane that had just made a turn. I have been in Aviation for 50 years as an airline captain and instructor. I also volunteer here with the Civil Air Patrol.


Anonymous said...

Aloha! Take a deep breath, then review your health immunity PLAN. folks, we ARE under Chemical, biological, and psychological eco fascist attack. there are indeed several elite groups in fighting each other, the Vatican, wall st and london are all struggling for power competition, as well as Russia and China. this is not a joke, there are several chemtrails in various states, nation and worldwide. it's very easy to see, why not just simply notice the numerous palm trees around Kauai, do you see the burning? the heavy metal and other biological dumps, spraying, that have burned the palm leaves dead brown, this is especially noticeable around Poipu, Lihue, and other sights around the island. there are groups on this earth who are attempting to steal, ALL soveiergnty, and who think they are some how superior to the "slave classes". they are trying very hard, any way thy can, through vaccines, big agriculture business, GMO, and several other methods. ionispheric burning with weather control tools, you name it, it's happening . the key is too not be scared, but rather oppose it with PRAYER, MEDITATION, LOVE, AND A GOOD BUT SERIOUS HEALTH PLAN, AND EM BACKUP SUPPLY. if you need more information, i strongly urge you seriously consider just 2 radio shows on this sight: or . also watch a DVD called: "What in the world are they spraying".. i could care less the idiot who claims he is on the civil air patrol! shows how narrow minded, idiotic, and ignorant he is. better do your research, peachy. DUH! plenty of worldwide, and local scientific conclusive evidence, it's all happening. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

I flew with a pilot friend for 12 years.He had 40+ years of experience.One thing I learned from him was how much of flying involved the study of cloud formations.If you,the writer,know the clouds and are as experienced as you claim,then you also know know these are different kinds of clouds.I question this comment.