Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good luck seeing through the haze TGI Letter

The Garden Island NewspaperLetters for Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good luck seeing through the haze

I assure you, chemtrails are real. Our military has rained aluminum, plastic, and who knows what on us here in Oregon for several years now.

Yes, Mr. Waeschle ("Preposterous," Letters, Jan. 5, 2011), you saw the plane turning in the photo; planes make turns. I guess I miss your point.

During summer months you can stand on the top of Mt. Ashland and watch up to five planes making repeated runs back and forth. They fly at a much lower altitude than commercial flights. They fly for hours until they have covered the sky with the aluminum haze, and the haze lingers most of the day (does not dissipate like normal commercial plane exhaust).

Not one of our government officials, from city to state, will admit to it.

Airport officials will not release the flight plans or even admit to the planes being in the air. (Being flown out of a military facility in nearby Klamath Falls I've been told.)

You can stand next to them watching it happen while they look to the sky, stupefied, and blither, "Where? I don't see anything." Their reasoning? If you don't acknowledge it, you don't have to deal with it.

That's right, people. Aluminum, falling on your produce, in your water supply, on your children playing outside. A local meteorologist and ex-marine made mention of it on air.

Oh yes, Kaua'i, it's happening. Good luck getting officials to see through the haze.

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