Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Over Kauai Sep 15, 2010

Again, these are two separate, distinct chemtrails over Kapaa today... 
Though I witnessed no aircraft, the chemtrails themselves behaved just as previously reported and seemed again to attract natural cloud cover. 
I would add this:  once you are able to decern a chemtrail and watch it for awhile, you don't forget it or confuse it for a natural cloud or even a jet contrail, though often natural clouds may obscure the view.  Once you know and patiently follow it, there is a distinct difference.  When found early in the sky it's as obvious a sight as a sailboat among waves.   Chemtrails are not naturally occuring-- they are put there by man for some purpose.  Why?

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Anonymous said...

I traveled to the west of Lihue today at 1600.The overlay of the false clouds grew-they must have sprayed on the west side today.Look up scalar cloud patterns and what they mean/what they look like-they are associated with the weather wars going on around the Mother.Chemtrails,GMO crops,vaccines,what do they have to do with each other? Time is running out..