Monday, September 13, 2010

witness to Chemtrails over Kauai East shore Lihue Kapaa 12 SEPT 2010

witness to Chemtrails over Kauai East shore Lihue Kapaa 12 SEPT 2010Aloha,Please find the following emails I sent yesterday 12 Sept 2010 to a handful of associates upon witnessing mass chem trails over Kauai's East side (Kapaa and Lihue). Unfortunately I had no camera along:

Hello,Strolled through my neighborhood today to work-out the legs, back and heart. But I couldn't help notice how unusual and strange the cloud patterns above. I made a stop at the Kapaa public pool for a cool down soaking and much needed rest. Kapaa pool, coincidentally, also happens to be a fine place to observe the sky especially if you walk to the top of the bleachers. It didn't take long to see (around 2:45 PM) what must have been a very large jet aircraft cross over us towards the south (Lihue) moving east to west at about 25,000 - 35,000 ft. Almost instantly the craft began to trail behind it white plumes. After about seven seconds it stopped for about a count of four then started again for about four more seconds then stopping and flew out of view. This sequence happened again about 10 minutes later in a similar pattern but this time more to the northerly direction or closer to Kapaa. All this happened after I viewed many other trail-like plumes during my walk along the coastal pathway-- all of which appeared without me noticing the aircraft but was obviously put their by a plane. This particular plume seemed so well placed, it just gently floated downward toward Kapaa Town slowly getting bigger and wider fading ever so gently upon approach. I watched all the plumes from my vantage point for approximately 30 minutes. My Polaroid sunglasses helped me to see better detail of this strange event as I at first could not believe my eyes, pulling down my shades to get another view but returning my glasses for the better. Thischem trail now encircled the sun in swirling-liquid like fashion, sort of the way motor oil plays in a puddle of water gleaming the colors of the rainbow. I glanced down at the families playing in the pool, nobody took notice but me. During my 40 minute walk home the trails continued to "fall" from the sky.As of this moment, the trails are still around, now dissipating and mixing with the clouds over Kauai. Did anyone else notice this? Please advise. Aloha,

Okay. Thank you for writing back. Yesterday's skies (Sunday 9/12/10) were the strangest ever seen. I have no doubt, I saw an aircraft releasing something into the atmosphere, twice-- and I watched dozens of chem trails across the sky for hours falling upon us. Look to the Internet to see the difference between contrails and chem trails, these were definitely of the chem variety as they stayed in the sky looming larger as they approached ground. After awhile, around 5 PM it seemed as though all this activity attracted natural cloud cover, but I was still able to track many chems from clouds. What could it all mean? Aloha, PS you may circulate this if you desire


Cheryl said...

Yesterday was a horrific day. I heard the planes in the middle of the night....Through the rain and all, the chemicals they are spaying are forced upon us. We are like mice in a lab. The skys all day yesterday were laced with these chemicals. I stepped outside and had a bout of asthma. (I have not had an attack for quite some time.) and, by the end of the day, you could see the whiting out of our skys. We cannot allow this to go on. We are known to be the wettest spot on earth. This altering of our natuarl environment is killing our vitality. We hardly see rainbos any more. The anuenue are on our license plates and drivers license for God's sakes. Are we so blind to not see they are taking away the beauty of our islands???

and don't let them fool you with the one or two clear days in between tier spraying.

Thank you so much for posting your blogs.

Anonymous said...

This the most dangerous threat the Hawaiian islands have ever faced-contamination and eventual extermination of the native flora and fauna,extreme drought,contaminated ground waters,thousands eventually sickened,their immune and endocrine systems under attack as this sky filth rains down on us all.Who is is doing this and why? Time is of the essence here,read her sites and google for yourself.The entire mother earth and her peoples are under attack.And when you have done that,start talking to others,take pictures.Unmarked huge airplanes land around 0200 at the Lihue airports-next day is major clouds of dripping white filth..take pictures of them,the skies,call all your representatives,the police,the military ,the politicians,call everyone.SOS..SOS..You will get no answers..but one person at a time..we can make the rest of Hawaii aware..if you are overwhelmed by feelings of powerlessness..know that we all least, stand and bear witness to this monstrous crime..stand and bear witness..and thank your God that you were given a those that do this,have no soul...