Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fwd: Kaua`i Sky

ok, everyone -- hi again, this is the blog admin again.

i began this blog with the intent that people would look up and take a picture with their camera phone and forward it directly to the blog with a time and date stamp - for the purpose of documenting the spraying - for future reference to synch with flight records.

this never took off - for various reasons (mainly i am not a tech guy and this is a basic blog and also concerns about anonymity) - but the main thing is that this has become often a blog to post OMG's and" I can't believe its," and various commentary.

I am fine with that -- but I can't keep up.

I can't do this any more.

Please I will have to turn this over to someone asap - who can work with it - or take it over, or recommend a final blog post whereby i offer subscribers an alternate place to post/ share.

Recently someone posted this app -

besides, there is a public facebook page which someone built:

So the more i think about it - the more i think between these two resources (whcih did not exist at the time of the inception of the kausisky blog) everytone should be able to contribute, and find a place they can be active.

So the only thing left to say is that:

will be deactivated or transferred to someone else.

if no one steps up over the next few days, i will just deactivate.

sound good?

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