Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kaua`i Sky

Hi - In 2010/11 I occasionally wrote about all the chemtrails I saw while driving around the US. In April 2011 I looked up to see the full moon framed like a chip in a checker-board sky. It actually could have been a work of art if I didn't know better. The next day a tornado killed 14 people within a half a mile of my house in Ringgold, Georgia. In October 2011 I left the US, moved to Thailand and haven't seen a chemtrail since. It's a US crime which has no place in Asia. Here they want the people to thrive; not to slowly kill them all off, as they do in the US with poisons in the food, water and sky. It's not hard for me and other expats I meet to be embarrassed and disgusted with the crimes against humanity the US government so shamelessly, blatantly inflicts on the ignorant populous. The perspective from here (and Europeans) is -- how can almost 300,000 million people be so stupid and gullible. It's beyond me. 

Keep up the good work, and please don't hesitate to expand your boldness. Things will change when the mass disgust goes viral - when people know the truth about GMO's and the poisons showering down on them from the sky.

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