Sunday, November 11, 2012

The sky today...

Taken over Silicon Valley  California.  Sunday November 11,  2012.


JoAnn Dolberg said...

Is anything at all being done to eliminate this activity?

Anonymous said...

Thursday 3/21/13

This morning at 6:15 first light, there were heavy chemtrail lines all over the eastern horizon from Oahu from Kalaheo, all running is a north-south pattern with a few at right angles running east to west. It was blatant and obvious

This tells me they are spraying in the predawn hours so people will not notice them so much as they dissipate. At 6:15 the sun was not up yet, and there were DOZENs of trails (not contrails) running from North to South. A few at right angles, east to west

I am horrified to see they are doing this at night/ predawn hours to evade detection.