Thursday, August 30, 2012

Consciouseness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 Laura Eisenhower - YouTube

this is my last post. it has suddenly become redundant to photograph chemtrails and posting them to kauai sky, after seeing this video on youtube today. the skies have been clear over kauai since the documentary "why in the world are they spraying", which just came out on august 19. a coincidence, or not, it has been the longest stretch of real clouds and blue sky that is not milky, in a long time. this does not mean that the chemtrails will not resume, it doesn't matter. this video is of eisenhower's granddaughter, laura eisenhower at the recent chemtrail symposium. watch as often as necessary for this information to settle into your consciousness. it is over an hour, but the information is pertinent. we have already begun a very important universal upgrade! peace, harmony, happiness, throughout the world. aloha


Anonymous said...

video removed by user. what a surprise right? seems to happen with a lot of controversial videos that actually have some clout!

Anonymous said...

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