Friday, June 3, 2011

ACTION REQUIEST: Tucson's KOLD does a hitpiece on chemtrail/geoengineering programs: Please e-mail and call

In an apparent attempt to cover the truths that that are now becoming so apparent to many, Tucson's KOLD  Chief Meteorologist Chuck George did a hit piece on chemtrail/geoengineing programs.  Please take a moment to e-mail and call him and the news director Michelle Germano (e-mails and phone number below) and let them know that we will not tolerate this deceptive propaganda that is being used to protect the programs that are so damaging to nature and humanity.  Last time we did this the station begged us not to call anymore which makes it very difficult for them to repeat these types of bogus stories.  Thanks for your interest and support in exposing this crime against nature and humanity and remember that we have power to change this only if we exercise our power.  Please remember to be professional in your response.  Also, due to the large amounts of e-mails that I have been receiving, I ask that you send your responses and qustions to this action to activist Chris Haskell:  Thanks again for your support in our efforts


Please e-mail and call:

Main phone 520-744-1313

KOLD news Director is Michelle Germano:

Chief Meteorologist Chuck George e-mail is :

Michael J. Murphy

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