Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TGI letter to editor: Shadow grows long in DC

Shadow grows long in DC

Eight months and counting I monitor Kaua'i skies each day — alas, not for its intended, heavenly, crystal brilliance and deep-blue beauty but instead its sobering pathology. Kaua'i's sky, crowning the Garden Island, that evergreen jewel of Hawai'i, is but an apparition of its bygone self most recently suffering the indignity of near daily man-made persistent aerial contrail attacks that bleed rich royal blue into bleak blankets of pathetic pale particulates en-mass. Horizons blot as the ringed, midday sun hangs a bleached and smothered carcass.

Pop on your Polaroid shades and look up at the mess.

It is not bad enough the abuse to pristine, ancient soils and waters. Or even that the country is broke and our currency is dying or that the Anglo powers swindled these islands in the first place. Now the very air we breathe succumbs to wretchedness.

I do not know why this is happening. Candidates for who seem obvious for mere resources alone — who else but the military and its contractors? Scattered, semi-organized Internet groups slowly compile and exchange information, yet most folks are oblivious to this mystery or pretend to be. Because this phenomenon appears around the globe without answers from our leaders and governments, I suppose reasons our skies are manufactured so is the same reasons for evermore exploited lands and perverted waters — money and power. One conspiracy theory suggests the blanching of our sky is done for our own good — say, "national security", to protect us from something so egregious that our leadership refuses to reveal it at present to avert panic.

In 2010 alone, six million pages of US government documents went hiding behind the convenience of "national security". The shadow grows long in Washington.

I won't be writing any longer on this subject, my messages island-wide by now having come through. Others will surely take it from here, perhaps to finally alleviate speculation to tell the truth of the matter.

However, I anticipate unprecedented turmoil in 2011 — events, some surely related to our skies, others already underway that will quickly expand, still others will thunder down as life-changing shockwaves too close to home. These events reveal themselves shortly.

We find ourselves thick in interesting times. No longer is Kaua'i what I wanted or hoped for in my naiveté, a secret paradise — uncharted and unscathed, but perhaps still the finest speck in the Pacific.

My hope now is the human endeavor throughout presents its best aloha spirit to clear the air not but with its masters but its Maker.

from the author:
 "PS Chem skies are the norm now on Kauai.  Absolute disaster..."


Anonymous said...

I grieve has an article that shows that billions are spent daily worldwide on this.Note that our HI congressmen and senators voted for this-traitors-cowards-being told what to do-if they want to keep their plush positions-I say it is time to clean house-put the heat on here...make them explain why they voted for this.

Anonymous said...

I want to talk to you,

Candace said...

Fabulous letter!

When I asked Rep. Mazie Hirono about the chemtrails I saw in Kalalau which created a smeared, hazy, suffocating low pressure sky (you could no longer distinguish where the horizon was - the ocean and sky just blended into a thick mass of smog)...she brushed it off and said "oh it's something the military is doing..." And proceeded with doublespeak about the environment.

And when I e-mailed the Dept. of the Interior from their website about the issue, I never received a reply.

Mahalo for what you're doing - I join with you in facing the facts, I mourn with you the loss of our clear skies and mountain views, I stand with you to speak the truth, share images and keep the faith.

Long live the Spirit of Kauai....