Sunday, October 17, 2010

Letter to Readers and SkyWatchers

There are many ideas on what the lines in the sky are...

The EPA, NOAA, NASA, AND the FAA say no big deal.
Many say otherwise.
In addition to posting many external links and the personal observations of individuals, certainly people can search and as well intuit on their own.
Our stand is that the accidental or deliberate spraying, etc. is stoppable and the very best way is for people to make it stop is by organizing on Kaua'i to pressure government to force aricraft to stop or avoid flying overhead, at least.
We say there is no overcome-able reason why [theoretically] long-distance high-altitude flights must pass over Kaua`i.
Our commitment is that this blog serves as proof to cross reference against military and commercial flight records.
From a documented place of power we have a chance to stop this worldwide.
Please do all you can to spread the word to increase awareness, readership, and encourage active SkyWatchership (to document and post observations.)

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